thedauntlessleader asked: I really love your blog and tbh when you reblog my dramione edits i fangirl a little inside <3

ahhhh why would you fangirl over me when your graphics are fantastic!

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Believe it or not, someone’s asked me!”

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Ruddy pumpkin head, isn't he?
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tbh i dont actually ship drarry at all but im genuinely positive that there had to be at least one time where draco was masturbating and harrys face unexpectedly popped into his head

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diannahatesyou asked: Secretly I worry you will judge/dislike me almost every time I reblog something

hahaha no I totally don’t! I really like your blog and have enjoyed following you all this time. I relate to like 99% of the text posts you reblog, I’m always like “same, girl. sAME.” when I scroll past xo

tell me something you secretly think about me

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would you still wrap me up and tell me that you think this was smart
'cause lately I've been scared of even thinking about where we are

jaimelannlster asked: i not-so-secretly think following you was one of the best decisions ever bc jfc your blog and your creations are just a++.

uh oh jaime lannister is complimenting me… is this the lannisters sending their regards? (lol but in all seriousness, ahhhh thank you so much *covers face with hands bc BLUSHING*)

tell me something you secretly think about me

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Anonymous asked: i think you make some of the best dramione graphics and i get so freakin excited every time i see you post something

this makes me so so SO HAPPY <3333

tell me something you secretly think about me

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“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”

—Proverbs 31:25 (via pinkandgreenlivingthedream)

diarycrux asked: ✄ snip snip bitch



The first time she used his first name was no momentous occasion. They were in the kitchen. She and Pansy had been bantering about the ‘Most Shaggable Quidditch Player.’ (Krum had won out, being the only one either of them had actually gotten to see up close.) Pansy had said something about craving chocolate and Granger - the sneaky little bitch - apparently had her own secret stash, hidden at the back of the larder. She’d moved to get it and, when she’d reached the door, had half-turned to look at him, as if only then remembering his presence.

"Draco, do you want some?"

His pause lasted barely a fifth of a second. Granger didn’t seem to notice, her bushy head already disappearing into the cupboard, in search of chocolate treasure. But Pansy shot him a knowing smirk, one eyebrow arching like a question. He ignored her, moving to the kettle in an attempt to escape her smug smirk.

He decided that he liked the way she said his name. It sounded crisper on her tongue, without the drawl of a Slytherin, or the distaste of those who used it like an insult. There was no hidden agenda behind it. No power game. She said it simply because that was his name. And he liked that.

It frightened him that he liked that. He spent the next three weeks avoiding her.

—Of Crimson Joy (via accioknickers)

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

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but i'm a villain
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